Clouds covered love’s barbed-wire snare

Qui vivra verra… Who will live, will see.

French proverb, via my friend SV

Bouncing Up and Down this Happy Friday morning. (via my friend, Aparna)

Love the guy in the bottom right, playing the banana!

I still dream of joining and touring in a large band like this, singing and playing, celebrating and traveling… It was always with either the Polyphonic Spree or Sufjan since college / before 2005, and now I realize Edward Sharpe is another to add to the list. Always love what they do.

When my friend tries to go talk to her ex at the bar

Okay, some ex’s aren’t all that bad, but, this is just funny



When someone complains about too much peanut butter

I know what you and I are going to do, the next time we hang out! (via my friend, Liz)

14 Things You Really Don't Want To Know About Your Groceries

What the heck is left for us to eat, and why are these things still being made and sold? I just don’t know what to do with this world sometimes.

8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.

Carl Sandburg (via Paris W.)